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We believe that everything we possess belongs to God. Because of this, we are to use what we are given to serve and care for those in need. When you give through Reaching The Hungry, you are changing the lives of those who are otherwise forgotten by the world

Malawian villagers cheers as their village chief pumps water into bucket from newly installed water well


We've installed over 100 water wells in Malawi. Millions of women & children walk miles each day, multiple times, to collect buckets of water for their families. And every day, children die from drinking unsafe water and waterborne diseases. It's only $2,000 to save an ENTIRE village with clean drinking water. YOU can save lives.

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Mission trip team members hosting eyeglass clinic in Malawian village


We host eyeglass clinics during our mission trips to Malawi & The Philippines and during our outreaches in Mexico. When recipients of our reading glasses walk away after being prayed over by our team, the smiles we see are BIG.

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Mission trip team member playing basketball with kid at orphanage


We host sports outreaches for children & families during our mission trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and The Philippines. We also provide sports equipment to our missionary partners for them to build up their sports ministry and continue offering it to their local communities. 

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Malawian village watching the Jesus Film


After we install a water well for a village, we invite the entire village to a special screening of the Jesus Film. Hundreds accept Christ at our Jesus Film outreaches. Click to view the gallery and you'll see one picture of Village Chief Mulenga in his chair attending our outreach who, after watching the Jesus Film, accepted Christ — at the age of 92!

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Mission trip team member Pastor Tamara leading a class on Children's Ministry at Pastor Chris Arista's church in Costa Rica


​We teach classes on Discipleship, Shepherd Leadership, and Children's Ministry to local church staff & Bible Study Group leaders in Malawi, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. We also provide study materials, translated guidebooks and Bibles.

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Diego standing in front of a cross inside a newly set up ministry space that is an extension of missionary partner Pastor Christopher Arista's church in Costa Rica.


We work with our missionary partners around the world to plant churches, satellite churches, home churches, parsonages, and ministry headquarters — all of which branch out into their local communities to reach more people for Christ. Support a pastor and the start of a new church today!

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Pastor Carlos Sales & Pastor Alwood Wick gifting audio scripture to a resident of Davao City, Philippines


We gift "Talking Bibles" to villages, churches, and pastors in Malawi so that they can hear the Word of God translated in their first language and listen together in Bible Study Groups. We also distribute them in impoverished neighborhoods in the Philippines where recipients may not have a hard copy of the Bible.

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Team members on an outreach mission trip in Mexico


We host medical & dental clinics in underserved communities during our outreaches in Mexico & Malawi. Visitors are served & prayed over by our team. For many, its their first encounter with God & His love for them.

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