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Two billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water. Millions of women & children walk miles each day, multiple times, to collect buckets of water for their families. And every day, children die from drinking unsafe water and waterborne diseases. Water wells bring physical & spiritual life by providing clean, safe drinking water and a tangible example of God's love for His people.

Let's make a BIG difference together.

Reaching The Hungry has installed over 100 water wells in Malawi. It's only $2,000 to save an ENTIRE village with clean drinking water. 
YOU can save lives.

We joined a team of people led and organized by Reaching the Hungry, traveling to Africa to install water wells. The resulting gift of a water well was an amazing experience, where we worked side by side with the village to build the well. The whole process was so well thought out, planned and executed! I highly recommend joining up with any project RTH leads.



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