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You Will Never Come Back The Same

Atikonda Chale reflects on serving with our team in The Philippines over this past Spring.

Atikonda repainting the upper floor of BUHI, a local church in Barpa, Philippines.
Atikonda and the team repainted the upper floor of BUHI, a local church in Barpa, Philippines.

You Will Never Come Back The Same

Hi! My name is Chale Atikonda — from Malawi, Africa.

I had the privilege of joining Reaching The Hungry's Philippines Mission Trip Team in July 2023. I had an amazing experience serving with my teammates on this mission trip as it was a completely diverse team with team members from the continents of North America, Africa, and Asia. As a team, we already had a lot to learn from each other and I could literally see the beauty of diversity in the body of Christ during our team’s debrief and reflection time.

Atikonda helps lead basketball ministry outreach

Reaching The Hungry, in collaboration with the Davao Alive Church team in The Philippines, is a vessel that God is using to transform many lives of people and communities in The Philippines and I witnessed this in person during this mission trip. This team is devoted to bringing life and hope to people living in slums... very poor communities.

Mission Trip Team standing together

But our team had an opportunity to pray with and for the people, share the Gospel of Christ, do an eye clinic, donate resources like clothes, do manual work like helping paint the church room, helping in a VBS for both kids and teenagers, and many more ministry activities. And I was privileged to meet other people who God has transformed physically and spiritually through their own testimonies from a miserable life they lived a few years ago before God transformed them through the work of Reaching The Hungry in collaboration with Davao Alive Church in their communities. The amazing gospel-receptive hearts of the Filipinos puzzled my heart because I had less expectation of this.

As I left for The Philippines, I thought I was going to be a blessing to the people there but immediately I began serving with the team there, my time and the people I met became a huge blessing to me than I thought I was to them.

Atikonda helps lead children's ministry

Both young and old Filipinos are people of big hearts, ever smiling, they listen attentively and with curiosity. Our team was welcomed and quickly adjusted as if we had been in The Philippines for a year already. Time went by so fast that I as I wanted to spend more days there, days did not last long. I went and came back a different person, positively impacted and refreshed to do ministry better henceforth.

I agree with the writer of Proverbs 11:25 which says, “The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.” Truly, whoever refreshes others and whoever waters shall be watered.

Atikonda holds up freshly opened coconut

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to encourage you to consider joining one of Reaching The Hungry's mission trips and I guarantee you that you will never come back the same. However way the LORD enables you, please support Reaching The Hungry on its quest to transform the lives of people & communities for Christ and see the Great Commission fulfilled in our generation according to the will of God. May God bless you as you consider supporting and partnering with Reaching The Hungry.

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