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Update ~ By Grace Sales, Dec 13, 2016

I've been meaning to write an update for a while but the month of November has just been so packed! Here are some things that happened in the month of November: 

 •I got sick and got to take a trip to the ER for breathing treatments because apparently the Philippines is just "so cold" during this winter season and it aggravates my asthma haha. The weather has gotten cooler and has brought us a lot of rain. By cooler I mean 75 degrees at night and we pull out the hot chocolate! How will I ever transition back even to San Diego?! 

 •I caught two babies in one night. Not only in one night but 8 minutes apart in beds that were pushed a foot away from each other. Two patients who I had been doing prenatal care for since early on in their pregnancy went into active labor at the same time and came into the clinic an hour apart from each other. I asked my supervisor what I should do and how do I choose which to be with and she looked at me and said, "You promised both of these women you'd deliver their baby and the way I see it is you have a team now but someday you may need to do this on your own. You will do both!" I honestly could not have done that though without the team and my good friend Abby who ran around with me until almost 1am assisting me in every way possible! 

 •I spent almost 24 straight hours at the clinic as I was just about to leave at the end of my 8 hour swing (2pm-10pm) shift and another patient of mine came in. She ended up delivering at 9:34am the next day. That night tested me mentally and physically. I have to be honest and say there was times when I wished I wasn't a midwife anymore and I could just go to sleep. I wished someone else would take care of my patient. Well sure enough while I was trying to figure out what to do with myself and my patient as we were both exhausted the baby decided to make his entrance without his mom really pushing at all. Sweet Zachary was born 12/06/16 at 6lbs 6oz. 

 •Well, I've definitely become addicted to coffee even more than ever before now and babies have started taking over my dreams and not in the cute "I want one" kind of way haha more like the "Oh my goodness how am I going to get you out" sort of way