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"And whatever you do in word and deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." Colossians 3:17

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Malawi Mission Team Blog- July 1 - 14, 2017

Day 1  By Heather Bennett
What a wonderful day! We had a joyous reception by the village. The Holy Spirit really unified us as a team and with the village. There was singing and dancing between our groups, strong ministry time, and everyone enjoyed the crafts and engagement. Our translators were very busy and they are such a huge blessing! Cross cultural love and friendship was shared by all. Some of the women taught their peers with the Evangecube. The repair of the well was successful and many prayed to receive Christ as their Savior, both during the teaching of the Evangecube, and at the conclusion of the Jesus film. All Glory to God! 

Some prayer requests: Becca has been sick since we arrived in Washington D.C. Jonathon developed trouble breathing and back spasms in the village.  Please pray for their healing. 

Day 2  By Anna Nunez
Today I had the amazing opportunity to share at the Jesus Film tonight! I was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I spoke on Jesus' plan for our lives. I had prepared ahead of time but I ended up not saying anything I had wrote. I felt like I wasn't the one speaking like I wasn't even opening my mouth. I just felt like that was what I needed to say. The most wonderful thing was to see all those hands in the air when Pastor Patrick asked who wanted to except Jesus. All I can say is the beyond a shadow of a doubt It was not my words coming out of my mouth. It was a truly once in a lifetime experience!

Today, during women's ministry, in response to the teaching of the evangecube, one of the village women stood up and gave her testimony to the other women. She urged her fellow women to turn from gossip and competition and to build each other up. This is a new village to Reaching the Hungry. They are so excited for the Bible studies to begin. The well installation was successful, with a joyous celebration. God has put our team together with a multitude of gifts and strong connections were made between all. We love these people!

Prayer requests: Jonathan and Becca are both ill with fevers and flu like symptoms. They had to stay back at our sleeping site and spent the day in their beds. Please pray for their continued healing. 

Day 3  By Mary Ann Nunez
We have bumped along many dusty miles the last three days. Our driver Knocks let out a hearty laugh when I explained that in the US they have gone to great lengths to duplicate this experience in the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. People pay much money and wait in long lines for a turn.

Today we arrived at our third village. It's amazing how each village has its own dynamics. I have continued my habit from last year and given them each a name. 1: Exuberant Welcome Village 2. Gentleness Village.

An experience that humbled me to my very core, has caused me to dub today's the Grateful Village. As we pulled up, the men get straight to work installing the water pump, the women break out in song and dance. (I'm kinda getting used to this, so I will need some of you to show up to LAX next Friday) They pull up their best chairs under a big shade tree, but we plop down beside them. I am perfecting my physical comedy skills as I have only mastered a handful of words.  Apparently, I'm hysterical. We laughed, we hugged, we held hands.  Teleza, Bertha, Funny(what a great name), Mary and the rest are now my sisters.

At the well ceremony chief explains that they have been sharing an animal watering hole. (One of the team members saw its brackish water.) The cheering warms my heart.

They guide us to a home for a big meal of nsima(cornmeal mush) and a rare treat of beef. As we headed toward the van, the woman called me over and asked for Anna. They came carrying heaping pails and bowls of peanuts and beans. You could have scraped me off the ground when I realized they were meant for us. They filled a sack and another bag. I struggled to maintain my composure. How could I accept this generosity? How could I refuse?

As I walked away, I wept. "Lord, bless them many times over, and may I never take for granted Your many blessings."